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‘Shin Getter Robo vs Neo Getter Robo’ Anime Getting US Blu-ray Release

Discotek Media is making some strides with upcoming releases that will please fans that have been hopeful for some time. The distributor has announced that they’ll be releasing Shin Getter Robo vs Neo Getter Robo on Blu-ray in the future, marking their first subtitled-only Blu-ray release. They picked up the rights to this series back in March 2012 and released it on DVD in early 2013. It’s a four episode OVA series from Dynamic Planning that deals with classic giant robot goodness that a lot of fans look for. The cover is likely mostly finalized with what you can see on the right, but it could get a change or two along the way as well. We’ll update in the future when they have a firm release date and pricing.

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