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6 Anime Like Fruits Basket [Recommendations]

Have you ever watch a show and wondered, “Would I manage to handle the daily life of the protagonist?” Well, I asked myself this question while watching Fruits Basket, and the answer was a clear no. Just imagine if you had to live in an old tent somewhere in the woods all by yourself. Yet, heroine Tohru Honda, somehow still manages to stay optimistic and to face problems head-on.

A truly entertaining story that is a must-watch for Shoujo fans. Don’t let the age scare you off though. It’s definitely fun to watch an anime that’s that old-fashioned from time to time.

This being said, here is a list of six anime for fans of Fruits Basket to watch next.



♥1. Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisama Kiss)
♥2. Inu x Boku SS (Inu x Boku Secret Service)
♥3. ...

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