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[Spoilers] Shigofumi and Death Parade: Empathy for the Living

I published a little thematic piece on Shigofumi when I started out blogging. The piece is somewhat of a reflection of how far my blogging voice has come since. My writing then was less lengthy than it is now, by a considerable degree. It was more structurally rigid and emotionally provocative. Now, I've gotten to the point where I'm more confident saying a whole variety of different things. The Shigofumi piece ended up drawing some debate, and that debate pertained both to how I interpreted the show's targeted message as well as the acceptability of the targeted message itself. I made no secret that I was supportive of that message.

That message was anti-suicide.

While it tells its a separate story, Death Parade makes the same message. It is critical of the reasoning that has driven many people to kill themselves.

I understand that suicide is a sensitive topic for a lot of people, and I will make pains to clarify what kind of suicide these shows and I are calling out on.

However, if the creators behind Shigofumi and Death Parade are willing to make these points unreservedly, then it would behoove me to not hold back...

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This is an opinion piece synthesis on Shigofumi and Death Parade. Feel free to comment, and please enjoy.