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6 Anime Like Nisekoi (Nisekoi: False Love) [Recommendations]

Whether you liked the characters, the plot or the art style of Nisekoi, there is a wide selection of similar anime to watch. The series includes all the things we love about harem romcoms: the tsundere, the exaggerated comedy, and the suspense regarding which team the main character will choose in the end (but we’re all rooting for Chitoge, right?).

However, the beautiful animation and the addition of the Yakuza element makes this show stand out from the other predictable, often mediocre romcoms out there – Nisekoi is a romcom with a twist.

Check out this list for our selection of 6 anime like Nisekoi!


♠1. Bakemonogatari
♠2. Toradora
♠3. ...

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