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[anizeen] Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (2015) - Ep. 1

Ryuu Yamada has been known as a delinquent since junior high, now, for a fresh start he decides to attend a high school where no one has ever met him. Or at least that was his pure desire, he can’t deny his nature and begins to have issues once again.

One day, his home room teacher is scolding him because each and every one of his faults so far, and he doesn’t really care. Urara Shiraishi, known as an excellent student, appears to deliver a report, immediately, the teacher reproaches Ryuu to be more like her.

Ryuu is really mad, and as he sees Urara climbing the stairs, he thinks he can annoy her a little bit. But Ryuu takes a bad step and he ends up falling down, taking Urara with him.

Fortunately, it is nothing serious… or not? As Ryuu wakes up, he notices something different, suddenly he has a different uniform, and he is not his usual self. Ryuu has changed bodies with Urara, who is actually taking classes as usual...

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