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Tsuritama - Review (DVD/Blu-Ray Combo) [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese writes:

I've never really been a fan of fishing. When I was younger, my grandfather would take my cousin and I fishing every once in a while and I always remember it being more of a hassle to me than a fun day out with my family. Even now, as a ripe twenty year old, I've done a little bit of fishing but still I find it a little too uneventful to occupy my entire day.

After all these years I don't think I've ever caught a fish BUT that doesn't mean I can't see the appeal in it at all. In fact, I kind of admire those who can go out and actively catch fish because I simply cannot do so. Hanabee Entertainment have, once again, released this series across Australia and New Zealand but this time they've delivered in the perfect way: A Blu-Ray/DVD combo.

Thanks to them I've been given the chance to finally experience a series that my fellow writer Luke Halliday has been bugging me to watch ever since I first met him years ago. At first I wasn't too sure wether or not this would be an Anime for me but after actually watching it, say what I truly thought now would be a waste of an article. Read on and find out!

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futurefrog2845d ago

Great review of a great series