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Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F Movie Preview Trailer, SSGSS Vegeta

In Japan, the clock has struck midnight and today is April 18, the premiere date of the latest movie in the Dragon Ball Z series.

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tayz2290d ago

The movie looks amazing!

chadwarden2288d ago

Can Gohan and Trunks get any love? getting tired of the goku/vegeta spam

TXIDarkAvenger2288d ago

Not gonna read the movie summary but if they fused that would be badass.

DrRobotnik2288d ago

I really hope Vegeta saves the day in this one. Im so sick of seeing Goku or Gohan saving the day everytime. Hell, let piccolo save day for once. Just keep it fresh.

Cueil2288d ago

heart break is coming your way, but you'll get a ton of Vegeta love this movie

Lionsguard2288d ago

After watching Battle of Gods, I don't have high hopes at all. Toriyama should never have continued the series via movies. I honestly like GT's SS4 than anything he's come out with. I refuse to believe anything is stronger than Majin Buu. He was the epitome of a great final villain in the Z universe. The introduction of anything stronger is just gratuitous and unnecessary. I mean didn't Goku refuse to be revived at the end of DBZ? Didn't he say that if he lived, he'd continually put the Earth in danger? Maybe this movie will be better than Battle of Gods but I still hate this Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan nonsense. I know there will be those who will disagree but I think Toriyama needs to be stopped, he's ruining DBZ's legacy.