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Spring 2015 Midseason Overview

With the Spring 2015 mid-season point upon us, Guy looks at all the shows he's watching and gives his feelings about each and every one, including the ones he's put on hold or dropped.

What's hot, and what's not?

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Thunder_God1964d ago

Overall, this season is alright. I find myself smiling and laughing at Ore Monogatari!! And Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma, I find myself enjoying Blood Blockade Battlefront's antics most of the time, and OreGairu is just /great/.

And yet, it still feels as if this season isn't as enjoyable, or as good, as I'd like it to be. And yes, picking up Sound! Euphonium once I finally finish Hyouka and catching up on Sidonia might help improve matters.

How about you guys?

theshredded1963d ago

Gintama FTW!just finished the first 2 seasons,is it okay to start the new season or not yet?

Thunder_God1963d ago

I've only watched 12 episodes of Gintama. Not really my thing, so can't tell you. But if you've made it through 2 seasons, then you should probably be fine to keep going :P