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Rose of Versailles: The Changes of Oscar de François de Jarjeyes and the Dignity of Human Life

iblessall of Mage in a Barrel reflects on the experience of watching the classic shoujo anime Rose of Versailles, pondering the weight of watching the complete life of a character play out on screen.

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iblessall2192d ago

This one pushes pretty far beyond typical character analysis—and I'm sure not too many have actually seen the show—but I hope you guys like it!

coolbeans2190d ago

Wow...pretty insightful look at it.

Tempted to check this one out.

iblessall2189d ago

It's a very good show. It's old, but if you're looking for something different than what modern anime offer, this is a great choice.

coolbeans2189d ago

Sounds like a solid recommendation. I'll try to check it out in the near future. :)