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Final Fantasy VII Remake Confirmed for PS4 Release First

ANN writes: "Square Enix confirmed at the PlayStation E3 press conference on Monday that it will release a remake of Final Fantasy VII first for PlayStation 4. According to the trailer at the event, Tetsuya Nomura returning to direct the game, and Kazushige Nojima is also returning to writing the scenario."

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SynGamer1220d ago

Still can't believe it's happening...

Stringerbell1220d ago

Same. All those years of being teased, the tech trailer, spin off games, spin off movie, finally getting the real deal.

b163o11220d ago

Slap me, no seriously slap me. Am I dreaming? Cloud finally makes his much waited return to TV screen, an updated return to screens. I've been play FF7 on my ps3 off and on for the last few months, but with this announcement I think I'm going to rededicate myself to one of the best RPG's of my gaming life...

SynGamer1219d ago

It's one of those announcements that you've been hoping for since the 2005 tech demo. And then last year, that crappy port felt like the nail in the coffin, Square had officially said no to a proper HD remake.

And then...last night, the most glorious of glorious announcements :D Sadly, I doubt we'll see this before 2017, but at least we know it's in development.