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LA Cosplay Con – Crunchyroll No-Shows Event, Disappoints Fans

Richard of writes "But they no-showed and couldn’t bother to let anyone – not the fans or the LA Cosplay Con organizers – know about the cancellation until the last minute… I’m sorry, but that is some rinky-dink bull that you just don’t do when you are a company with the reputation that Crunchyroll has. I get that things go wrong, I really do – but no-showing and not notifying anyone about it, wow. I sure would like to hear Crunchyroll’s side of this story, and I have sent them an email to get some answers (which they have yet to respond to), because I really would like to know what led to this kind of decision. But was there no other plan of action they could have taken to avoid doing this to their fans at LA Cosplay Con?"

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