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Summer 2015 Anime Season Preview and Expectations

Guy from Geekorner-Geekulture discusses which shows he's interested in, or /not/ interested in from the upcoming season, and more importantly - why, to help you make your own decisions!

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Thunder_God1574d ago

This show has a lot of series with interesting premises, which often invert common tropes, or are just interesting, from A BoringWorld Where Dirty Jokes Don't Exist, to a show about moe slice of life in a zombie apocalypse setting, or 5 guys entering an all girls' school and it not being a RomCom in Prison School.

Alas, as someone for whom anime comedies are often a miss and who can't stand another Seiji Kishi show, this season isn't as exciting as it'd have been for me two years ago, when I chose merely based on premise and nothing else. But so it goes.

What are you people looking forward to?

Slayer_xXx1573d ago

Hmmmm for now jus durarara X2 mainly bcz idk anything abt most of these so i'll have to judge em after seeing an episode o 2