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[Spoilers] Sunday Without God: Empathy for the Undead

"The universe of Sunday Without God is premised on the plot device of a God has closed his doors to heaven and appears to have abandoned humanity. Said to have been announced by a voice from the skies on a Sunday, the Kingdom of God apparently reached maximum capacity for the human souls its premises can house. Human beings have to endure the fact their souls are bound to Earth. This isn’t how the concept of the Kingdom of God exactly works in Christianity. However, bear in mind that the show’s appropriating and tweaking the concept for its own narrative purposes without claiming any authority over what constitutes Christian belief. Anyway, people’s biological functions can fail. People can die, but, having supposedly no place for their consciousnesses to go, people reanimate afterwards. The only way that the undead can finally be laid to rest is via the gravekeepers, special persons with special shovels who dig up special graves..."

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