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Noir Complete Collection Blu-Ray Review [Capsule Computers]

Brandon Postal of Capsule Computers writes:

"Noir is an anime unlike most on the market. I’d classify it as a serious title, focusing on real people as opposed to the more common shounen anime. Realism is the theme of the day, and watching it gives the feeling that this could have been a live action drama. Cowboy Bebop is in a similar vein, attempting to focus on the extraordinary living among the mundane, though in a sci-fi world as opposed to Noir’s grounded reality. In fact, Starz optioned Noir at one point, with intent to release a live action rendition of the series. While the project was shelved (likely due to complexities in the plot), it’s still striking that such a lesser known anime could have been a studio produced live drama."

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Stringerbell2766d ago

Hmm this was one of my favs back in the day (picked up the Blu ray as soon as it came out). While I disagree with the low rating the author does make some good points some episodes did drag on a bit. I would have prefrred had the series shown the duo taking down low level crime thugs longer before they went ahead after the Soldats.