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Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Ep.1 First Impression [Kzoku Ent]

Kuma Wrote: I am all about diversity because love is universal, but there is a time when us geeks have that weird conversation about, “If you would if it was…” kind of conversation. Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou brings all those questions to life even it is a bit one sided from what I see so far being only female monsters are involved and what was once a weird conversation now becomes an anime. You have to understand we as geek tend to jest a bit when it comes to, “Would you sleep with a Dog woman?” Meaning she has a full figure of a woman just has dog ears and fangs. Sigh…let’s just get into this review while stop my nose from bleeding thinking about it.

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IrisHeart2173d ago

Forget about the fact that Kurusu doesn't wanna bang anybody and is doing this out of being a good guy that sees the regular girls. Sigh.

SavageKuma2164d ago

He actually does and has said so in certain ways throughout the anime. For example when he is trying maintain self control or the fact that he told Mia that he can't because she was about to break his arm. Now we are up to Episode 3 and he has decided to date all three girls to decide which he will marry.

IrisHeart2164d ago

How far are you in the manga? Because so far it just seems like he IS a good guy and gets flustered cuz he a virgo. Either way the biggest twist would be him getting with Ms.Smith. lol.