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Summer 2015 Anime: First Impressions (Part 3)

The final installment of the only guide you'll need to this season's new anime is here!

Covered in this issue: Chaos Dragon, Aquarion Logos, Overlord, Prison School, Charlotte, Rampo Kittan, and Gatchaman Crowds Insight.

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iblessall1247d ago

And that's the end of the premieres! What were your guys' favorite first episodes of the season?

TXIDarkAvenger1246d ago

Angel Beats is one of my favourite shows too and Charlotte is similar in a lot of ways. IMO, I think this MC is better though.

iblessall1246d ago

Oh, yeah, I like Yu a lot better than I like Otonashi. Otanashi was serviceable—Yu is actually fun to watch.