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[Spoilers] Terror in Resonance: Voices Beyond Violence

Japanese ultranationalists prompt the Japanese government to requisition stockpiles of children (yes, children) from orphanages throughout the country. Renamed, relabeled, dehumanized to a mere number, these children were then experimented to become superhumans who would then be used for their country. It’s a superhuman experimented program comparable to the Captain America one, though for the smart instead of the strong. Captain America consented to being experimented though. He didn’t die by the end of it. These children were forced into the program. Most of them died. All them, deceased and survived, suffered. The survivors continue to suffer from the direct residual effects and post-traumatic stress of the whole ordeal.

The program was ultimately shelved as a failure. Out of the three children who somehow survived the experiments, two escaped from the program’s facilities. The mental damage of these experiments would haunt these two, Nine and Twelve, even as they lied low years after. Years after, they rose up when they realized that the ultranationalists were concocting something dubious yet again. This time, instead of developing the theoretical superperson, they went for manufacturing the already proven nuclear bomb. The narrative of the show begins when Nine and Twelve clandestinely steal the clandestinely government-produced nuclear bomb. They launch spates of bombings to publicly expose ultranationalists for their two crimes...

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