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A Brand-New Pokemon Has Finally Been Revealed But Not In The Way You Think

Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes:

Not too long ago, we here at SnapThirty brought you news of a mysterious new Pokemon teased in some early leaks of the latest CoroCoro magazine issue. This Pokemon, which many people consider to be an evolution of X and Y's Zygarde, made it's silhouetted debut in a quick trailer for the third Pokemon XY movie that played right after the Japanese screening of the latest Pokemon movie; Hoopa And The Clash Of Ages. Well, over the weekend, Japanese audiences got a chance to catch the new movie as well as the trailer for the upcoming film, which has yet to be named, but there was something even more interesting about it that goes very much beyond the gargantuan shadow monster shown in the leaked screenshots; a brand-new Pokemon.

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