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Boruto Naruto The Movie Review & Characters – “I don’t want to be Hokage”

Years have passed since the end of the original series, and Naruto is now the seventh hokage and is married to Hinata. Together, they have a son named Boruto and a daughter named Himawari. Sasuke on the other hand has hooked up with Sakura, and has a daughter named Sarada. Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki are a team under the tutelage of Konohamaru, the grandson of the third hokage, and once looked up to Naruto during his youth.
Boruto doesn’t get along with his father, and refers to him as a “kuso oyaji,” the Japanese term for deadbeat dad, and has no respect for his family’s legacy. Instead, he seeks Sasuke as a master in becoming a ninja in order to beat his father and pass the upcoming chuunin exam.

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kingPoS2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Mark my words, this will spawn a third series following Shippuden. The saga will continue, but with 10% more filler.