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6 Anime Like Ushio to Tora / Ushio and Tora [Recommendations]

That’s the basic plot of Ushio to Tora, an ongoing Summer 2015 series based on Kazuhiro Fujita’s 90s manga. Produced by Studio VOLN and MAPPA, the anime is slated to run at 26 episodes, and promises to be a great mix of the supernatural, action, horror and even comedy — not to mention an exploration of the odd relationship between Ushio and Tora.

Before, we mentioned how this series is similar to Tenchi Muyo and Yu Yu Hakusho. If you’re a fan of those two, and are planning to watch Ushio to Tora as well, here are six other series you might enjoy.

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Fonzy2479d ago

The relationship between Ushio and Toar are pretty similar to the series recommend. A couple are pretty much just like it! Nice!