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Simmer Down! Episode 2 - Cooking Alice Nakiri's Milkshake from Food Wars: Shokugeki No Soma

On episode one of Simmer Down!, good chef and bad chef Frank Inglese and Luke Halliday did something many people thought impossible; they made a dish from the hugely popular Food Wars!, also known as Shokugeki No Soma.

It wasn’t that the dish was hard to make, this much has been proven by countless other YouTube videos, it was actually the coming together of two idiotic forces that had people in an almost unshakable state of disbelief. How can these two men ever work in synchronicity? Only under the guidance of Chef Ramsay is such a thing possible!

Frank and Luke take to the kitchen for another episode of the SnapThirty cooking show Simmer Down!. This time around they’ve decide to prepare another dish from Food Wars! (Shokugeki No Soma) that actually doesn’t involve any cooking, instead only intricate preparation.

Alice Nakiri, a talented but arrogant and annoying chef from the series, created this egg-based milkshake to wow judges chosen to critique new and exciting buffet dishes. Frank and Luke also want to wow audiences by making milkshakes and putting them into egg shells…so that’s exactly what they did!

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