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Let´s Talk About Otome Anime.

Otome anime are like cute Instagram girls or cute Instagram boys – they look nice on pictures even though their caption is some pretentious copy–and–pasted bullshit quote from Tumblr, over time you begin to realize they all look like each other, with the same filters and same hashtags and same damaged hair and infected piercings, you realize that perhaps they´re just cute because of the five filters and perfect lightening used on them.

I don´t know what the fuck that means, but shit, I had to start the post out with something, so I´ll say that that´s otome anime to me. They always look pretty on the cover and for the supposed target audience, we´re almost always drawn to it before realizing that, shit, it´s an otome anime, all otome anime are the same and they´re all pretty crap. So why oh why do we keep watching them? is there an otome anime where the community as a whole can actually massively appreciate it? what is the recipe of a better otome anime and if so, is it beneficial to the creators to change the formula?

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