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Attack on Titan Cosplay [50+Pics] - Cool Levi, Eren, Armin & Erwin

I'm sure we all remember how awesome Attack on Titan was when we first saw the anime 2 years ago! Now that the 2nd season is just a year away, the anticipation couldn't be more intense. So naturally, what's the best way to ease our yearning hearts? Awesome cosplay of course!

You may be surprised to learn that most of these cosplayers are of the female persuasion, but honestly, that just makes it so much better! Levi looks cooler than ever, and Eren looks about ready to crush some titans! Of course, you have some Armin and Erwin for some cuteness and ruggedness respectively. :)

So anyway, enjoy this smashing Attack on Titan cosplay gallery!

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Fonzy2752d ago

I'm speechless! These are pretty badass cosplays!!