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Vampire Hunter D Blu-Ray Review - AnimeNewsNetwork

The original Vampire Hunter D: Movie from 1985 is one of the few anime movies which could legitimately be considered a cult classic even outside of Japan. It earns that honor in part because of its style – it was a ground-breaker in terms of introducing Gothic elements into sci fi – and in part because it was one of the first anime movies to be widely-distributed outside of Japan. Indeed, it was probably nearly as much a staple of anime fandom in the late '80s and 90s as Akira was. With this newest release by Sentai Filmworks the movie comes to Blu-Ray for the first time, giving fans the chance to see its crispest-looking rendition yet. It also reveals one important thing: the movie actually is not very good.

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Stringerbell2750d ago

I saw this ages ago, I remember a lot of people raved about it, I thought it was decent nothing special though.