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Persona 5 Delayed to Summer 2016, and PV3

Atlus has confirmed, as part of a new trailer, Persona 5 has been delayed until Summer of next year for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The game was previously scheduled to come out this year in Japan at least, with Atlus US also stating it was set for a release in North America for 2015.When the game was officially announced in late 2013, it came initially with a Holiday 2014 launch on PlayStation 3. That was pushed last September into 2015 along with the announcement of the PlayStation 4 version.

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Stringerbell2481d ago

Stinks this is delayed but at least this was an awesome trailer!

Rei72481d ago

I think everyone saw it coming, but at least we know it's not gonna be full of bugs and glitches, when it's out.

Stringerbell2481d ago

Yeah my current backlog of games is keeping me busy anyway - so if this means a bug free release, I dont object.