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[Anime Culture Monday] Eat like your Anime Faves! – Ichiraku Ramen(Naruto) & Omurice(Charlotte)

Have you even seen an anime where the characters are starting to eat, and your mouth just starts to water? Bentos! Ramen! Bread! Udon! Cakes! Cookies! Melon Bread! Are any of these ringing a bell? Well they should because even as we watch the shows that we love, wouldn’t it be even more fun to try cooking and eating the food that you have seen in the shows?

Everyone can admit there has been some sort of dish seen at one time or another that you have wanted to try. So, I present to you, Eat like your faves, a new series from Honey’s Anime where we will take a look at some of the food seen in anime, and we will teach you how to cook it. That’s right! I said it, you will actually learn how to make real food from anime! Without further ado, let’s get started!

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