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Attack on Titan Part 2: End of the World Review – "I Am Human" | Honey's Anime

Serving as a continuation of the first movie, Eren and the rest of his unit are now aware of his Titan changing abilities and are debating what to do with him. Just like the original anime, the only person who does not hesitate to stand up for him is Armin, his best friend. However, the threats start to escalate and according to Shikishima, the original character who trained Mikasa, there may be bigger threats than the Titans and needs Eren’s help in his battle. However, who are the real villains? What are the origins of the Titans? This movie has the answer to all of those questions.

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HawkTakamura1708d ago

I honestly wonder what it would've been like if the Hollywood industry had control of this film. Maybe it wouldn't have been such a let down. At least, it would've been better the DBE! For Sure!

Kagune1708d ago

I think I can agree with you about that! Although, I've only read the reviews for AoT, but from reading them on various sites, I'm also sure it would've been way better than Dragon Ball Evolution! That movie bombed big time!