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Meet The Felonious Inspirations Behind Persona 5's New Crew

Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes:

Chances are, if you’re reading this, than you’re very much aware of the Shin Megami Tensei offshoot series Persona. Even more, I’m sure you’re very much aware of the fact that there’s a new Persona game on the way courtesy of the hard-working developers over at ATLUS. The next numerical addition to the series, Persona 5, is looking to be quite a bit different from it’s predecessors in many ways. The list of changes for the new game is almost endless, but overly positive. Like with any new addition to a series, certain aspects of what made previous titles popular are changed, but what continues to keep the series as a whole highly-revered is that the core features aren’t altered. One of those particular features seen throughout each addition to the Persona series are the Personas themselves. Changing thematically across each of the games, one thing remains the same; they’re demon-like creatures that mirror one’s heart…and that’s no different for Persona 5.

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