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Classic Review: Paranoia Agent Episode 13 - Animenewsnetwork

Animenewsnetwork - “Let's just accept reality,” said Keichi, after learning he and his wife would never have children. That's what this whole series has been avoiding, and what its horrors have represented - characters becoming overwhelmed by reality, and so retreating into a mild, meaningless daydream, aided by Shonen Bat. That's what we see in the opening song as well - characters laughing uproariously, happy in spite of the world falling to pieces around them. Smiling as the world falls apart around them, content in small personal realities as their communal world burns. That's the attitude these characters have come to embrace in part even as they rally against it, particularly Mitsuhiro, who has sunk so far into the fantasy that he embodies fantastical escape even through the character he's assumed to fight Shonen Bat.

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