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Top 10 Anime of Summer 2015 [5,000 Japanese Fans Polled]

As the Summer season meets its end, the results for a poll asking over 5,000 Japanese fans their favorite Summer 2015 anime were released by SubculWalker.

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Fonzy2501d ago

I personally think Charlotte moved a bit fast with the story, and left a lot of open gaps to the show that I would have loved to know more. But, I'm sure the second season will explain all that. I hope! ^~^
I don't know why, but I feel Prison School was one of the best for the Summer 2015 lineup. Even though, it may lack a solid story line, it was very entertaining and suspenseful, with some outstanding character development, art, plus all the fan service, and lastly, it had a rock solid ending which will show the Yuri side of things!
Left me wanting to know how it will turn out and maybe, just maybe, the boys that were in prison will actually come to their aid. IMO