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Looks Like Mr. Satan Is Going Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball

In the preview for the next Dragon Ball Super episode, we can see Mr. Satan turning into a Super Saiyan. Wait. What?

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My_Outer_Heaven1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

It's most likely Mr Satan's new pretend film within the DB universe to fool the world that he's the hero who saved the world again either that or he fused with Goku for some strange stupid reason. If he turns out to be a Saiyan people will be pissed! I don't want the story of DB to be ruined even more than it already has.

This is most likely a filler episode before the next saga that's just a slow version of Resurrection 'F' which was a stupid name.

I miss the days when the movies were there own separate thing.. now they are just turning them into short episodes for Dragon Ball Super which to me is just lazy and unoriginal.

Dragon Ball Super is currently just the latest movies all over again. What a waste!

I wish they could have started the TV show after the events of Battle of Gods or Resurrection 'F'

I can't be alone when I say I hate the whole God's arc.. I actually think I prefer GT even though didn't like GT as much as Z plus GT is now not canon which is really confusing for fans especially for people that play video games. Why add GT characters in the games if its not canon.

Seriously though Gods? Really? From a creative stand point its like shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to righting more story. I mean where do you go from there really? What can be stronger than a god? They should have just called it the Meta or Magical stage not the God transformation. Eughhhh...

What a waste Dragon Ball Super has been I mean.. Now Goku has reached God mode and Super Saiyan God mode how can he get stronger than a God.. I mean if Saiyans can now be strong as a god how can they get stronger without fusing after this?

Seriously if SSJ4 isn't canon and SSJG is then where do we go from here?

I personally wish Dragon Ball Super didn't exist.. They need to pull something out their asses if they are going to please the fans I know its supposed to be for kids but even kids can't relate to this new crap.

Akira Toriyama are you losing your mind? This God's arc is just stupid.

Tsuru1732d ago

GT was never canon to begin with. Akira Toriyama did not write the series nor was there ever an manga series to base of it. Sure it was part of the universe and koei did produce the episodes so that is why they are part of the game, but they were never canon with the story.

Akira Toriyama did come up with the design for SSJ4, so you never know. Plus as you know they are already adding "villians" from the different universes within the multiverse. So their is plenty of things to write about after battle of the gods arc and resurrection of F arc are done.

Just because they are gods, doesnt mean they are immortal.

gangsta_red1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

"now they are just turning them into short episodes for Dragon Ball Super which to me is just lazy and unoriginal."

I'm wondering why no one else has brought this up. I watched Battle of the Gods, then started watching Super and the whole time I'm this just going to be a retread of the movie?

I don't mind GT not being canon, but I don't want the movies to spoil the whole show.

If anything they should add some elements from GT that were actually pretty good like...the golden ape and that's pretty much it honestly.

shadowraiserx1732d ago

DB Battle of the gods and Ressurection of F, were just movies to test the reaction of fans with this arks.Toei Animation want money.

gunnerforlife1732d ago

This movie has lasted 15 episodes, the next will last another 20 episodes, that's when I think the real dbs will start with new original writing! Befo we get to freiza they'll be main points like.

1: super saiyan gohan( I really hope they explain that)

2: training with the gods

3: super saiyan God vegeta

4: super saiyan God super saiyan goku /vegeta.

5: freizas training

6: new gods that have been mentioned in the manga but not anime.

Read the manga if you don't like the anime. 3 or 4 chapters and battle of the gods gets finished. But if you're a fan of old school dbz then I'm sure you already how they love to drag out fights... 10 chapters will become 30 episodes.

-Gespenst-1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

This definitely isn't what it looks like.

But I wish that there were super HUMANS in Dragon Ball. Surely humans, who can channel ki just like Saiyans, are capable of growing? Dragon Ball, as a show, just has such contempt for humans - they're all useless fighters, like Tien, or foolish comic relief, like Mr. Satan or sort of Yamcha, or fodder, like Krillin, and so on. Humans in the Dragon Ball universe are just weaklings who need to be protected by the Saiyans. There should be super human levels as well as super saiyan levels - they should introduce a really powerful human character. As the saiyan characters get more powerful, and as the power gap between them and all the human characters grows larger, it's almost like Toriyama has a hatred for humanity that's growing larger. That or he's just stripped down the series to only it's most popular parts, and now he's milking them dry.

Dragon Ball has been reduced to super saiyan levels with novelty colored hair, and Goku just using Kamehameha all the time. I miss the days when Tien and Yamcha and Krillin and Chiaotzu fought - and all the cool techniques they had. Remember Destructo Disc? Remember Tri-Beam and Solar Flare? Remember Spirit Ball? Remember the Special Beam Cannon? Remember Galick Gun?

There's also no sense of adventure anymore - it's just fighting. Say what you will about GT, but I really liked the first saga - just the gang of them exploring space and visiting all these weird planets. It really hearkened back to the original series. There's next to no really story in this new stuff. Again, the show has been pared down to fighting and getting stronger and a new even more powerful bad guy appearing, and getting stronger again to fight him. It's just dull and formulaic and predictable. Purely sensational at this point - little to no substance anymore. There needs to be more than just training and fighting - there should be adventure too.

They're just milking all the most popular aspects of the show for cash, and those aspects are pretty much stale now. People are going to stop spending money on the franchise when they grow weary of the homogeneity of it.

Needless to say then, Super is really disappointing so far, especially since the first two seasons are just the two latest films stretched to breaking point across two television seasons. You can tell they were films first, because so little has really happened - they barely moved from that bloody cruise ship.

I'm hoping the third season, which is supposed to be totally original, will be worth the wait.

PS. Super Saiyan God should just be called God Saiyan, and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (smh, talk about milking the most popular aspect of the show...), should be called Super God Saiyan.

gangsta_red1732d ago

I agree, it makes no sense that a human also couldn't get as strong as a Saiyen.

They have aliens that can achieve these power levels easily but yet humans can't? A makes no sense.

On the other hand in Resurrection it did show the Z fighters handling all of Frieza's new army without the aid of the Saiyens (besides Gohan). But when it came down to Frieza they were outclassed.

But I do agree that there should be at least a few bad a** humans that can match up. Would the Androids count...?

-Gespenst-1732d ago

I don't know that I'd count the Androids, given that they're machines, and don't really channel ki and all that. Android 18 sort of counts though I suppose. She's probably the second strongest human good-guy (gal) character under Uub.

But yeah, I'd really like if they stopped using humans as comic relief and portraying them as a helpless species who can't look after / defend themselves.

waltyftm1732d ago

Should be fun, probably a dream sequence or one of his fairy tales :)