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Dragon Ball Super Battle of Gods Arc Review [Capsule Computers]

Nathan from Capsule writes:

"Dragon Ball Super, the return of Dragon Ball to the small screen after the end of Dragon Ball GT which aired it’s final episode in Japan towards the end of 1997. A series that was long thought to be completely over outside of a few T.V. specials and short films, was receiving an entirely new series filled with completely new content and story arcs (sort of). Needless to say the Dragon Ball community was extremely excited to hear the news, including myself being a hardcore fan of the series. This is a review of the initial arc of Dragon Ball Super named the Battle of Gods arc."

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DragoonsScaleLegends2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

As a extreme DB and DBZ fan if this new series is anything like the past two new movies I would rate it a 1/10. I haven't watched the new series because I will probably be completely disappointed.

The new movies felt completely like a parody of the show and I can't believe how Funimation and everyone is acting like they are amazing which they aren't. It's 90% comedy exploiting everything bad about the characters in the jokes.

Another thing is that they have completely destroyed Gohan as a character in the movies I watched which makes me hate these new parody's even more. I mean his character was screwed up after the Cell Saga and even more in DBGT but these new movies take it to a whole new level of shitting on a character who basically should have become the main character but the creator went senile in his old age. I mean really who came up with Gohans line where he says something like: "I don't know if I can still go Super Saiyan".

So this is my opinion of the new movies, so I think I will be even more pissed if I watched the new series. I mean in reality Super Saiyan 2 Gohan could probably beat Goku and Vegeta in their new horrible weak God modes that is the worst transformation the characters have ever received. I would put these two new movies on the same level of shitting on the show as Dragonball Evolution did. I have a feeling the new series is on the same level. P.S. I didn't misspell Dragonball Evolution, they really combined the words Dragon Ball together just to shit on the series even more.

BlackWolf122151d ago

I find it hard to believe that you are, or ever were, an extreme DBZ fan.

The entire Dragon Ball franchise has heavily lent on it's comedic roots. Every single episode was full of it. It's part of why it is so popular. The movies were great because they both represent everything that DBZ was. Revival of F more so than BoG.

and your comment about Gohan also kind of shows that you never actually understood the TV series at all.

In early DBZ it was shown countless times that Gohan had truly untapped potential, and that he could become the most powerful fighter of all the Z Warriors if he could unlock it. We seen him starting to unlock it in the Cell Games. HOWEVER, another big story point about Gohan, was that Chi Chi never wanted him to become a fighter like Goku, she wanted him to study and have a great career, she pushed him to study more than train, and he ultimately chose a life of studying/working, rather than training. This is the reason why he never awoke his true powers.

Even during the Majin Buu saga, when Old Kai unlocked his potential, he still wasn't as powerful as Goku and Vegeta at the time, because he had barely trained at all for the past 7 years. Fast forward to the movie arcs, and Gohan has fully embraced his life as being a non-fighter.

The way Gohan ended up, is exactly on par with how he was portrayed throughout the entire show, and was ultimately not surprising at all. Gohan was the one who could surpass both Goku and Vegeta, but chose a life of relative peace instead.

I've spent my entire life a DBZ fan, and I have always ran into people like you and that "alti" guy in here, people who claim to be fans of the show, but then do nothing but complain about it. That to me, is not a fan at all, because fans support the show regardless. Hey, you may have enjoyed it many years ago, but it's clear that you are no longer a fan. That's fine. You don't have to be. Just don't walk around calling yourself a fan.

DragoonsScaleLegends2151d ago

Nope I'm a huge fan and own about every single game, episode and have even read some of the manga though I would own actual copies if RightStuf wasn't out of volumes when I was interested in buying a few. I never really had anything to complain about until the new movies that focus their jokes on the biggest negatives of the show to begin with which wasn't the case with the previous movies and shows.

Of course GT was always talked about negatively(Not by me) by a lot of fans calling it out as being fake and non-cannon for the same negatives the new movies take to the extreme yet I don't see those same people saying anything bad about the new stuff since it is for some magical reason considered cannon.

Personally I liked GT but I'm not into the new movies though I did buy the first God movie but pirated the second. I haven't watched the new series since I only watch dubbed anime these days except for One Punch Man since I just can't be patient enough for that one.

On a final note how can you consider this movie and the original series the same in terms of comedy when in the original series when someone died it was taken seriously yet in the newest movie the whole planet was destroyed and no one cared. We also have a God that seriously talks about killing everyone yet Goku considers him a friend. On a second final note even if Gohan is made to weaken because he hasn't been training, they should have never made Master Roshi basically the same strength level as him regardless.

alti2153d ago

The movies were kinda bullshit, to me. I did not enjoy them at all, but DBZ has never had particularly good stories. It was captivating because everybody was so powerful, but it gets to a point where that's a bit dry, and we need some actual weaknesses to show, and some actual plot twists to happen, and some actual plans to take down a foe to really get us involved. It cannot continue in this basic storyboard of find out a new threat exists, train with a new master that's stronger than anybody else, and finish it off with a kamehameha.

Seriously, the formula is tired, and in adulthood it was impossibly evident, for me. They need new writers, desperately, because the latest two movies were easy 2/10's.