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Final Fantasy fan art with a Western touch creates illustrations just right for any Disney fan

Just as languages around the world are each unique yet beautiful, art has also developed its own flavor depending on where you are from. When comparing Western and Asian animation, there is a distinct style difference when it comes to the shape of faces, size of facial features, and the overall aesthetic. Both styles are very appealing, but when push comes to shove, all of us probably have a preference between the two.

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Stringerbell1721d ago

That would be way too meta =p

SarcasticDuck1721d ago

lol Zidane isnt a rich SOB and squall looks more of a "anytime you want baby!" than a lone wolf!

paradigmfellow1721d ago

No thanks. I like my Japanese anime style art.

ZaWarudo1721d ago

Wow, Yuna looks way cuter.