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Aniplex USA Reveals 'Fate/stay night: [Unlimited Blade Works]' Season 2 Release Details

"Aniplex USA has just revealed their upcoming standard edition DVD and limited edition Blu-ray releases of the second season of Fate/stay night: [Unlimited Blade Works]. Pre-orders are now open for both editions for fans in the Americas. Season 2 will be released on February 16, 2016."

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bb14z2573d ago

*Sees Price*

Oh, look, another Aniplex title I'm never going to own.

The_Otaku2570d ago

Hanabee is doing a limited edition release of season 1 so they might do the same for season 2. Theirs is cheaper than Aniplex USA's one, but they tend to code their Blu-rays just for region B.