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Review: Prison School is Ridiculous and Fun | Kotaku

Five boys enroll in a former all-girls school only to be incarcerated in the school’s prison? Just go with it.

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Stringerbell2634d ago

Bizarre premise indeed, but boy is this series hilarious.

gustave1542631d ago

The manga is better but they did a good job. definitely a watch

Bhuahahaha2631d ago

hehhe love this one

hana is the best of the 3

lol on last ep

the wardens turns prisoner

oh i recommend monster musume too its really great too

DEATHxTHExKIDx2630d ago

honestly funniest Anime/manga I've ever watched or read

level 3602630d ago

Have collected the complete but "censored" 12 episodes that came out recently.

Japanese black comedy at it's best I think. Great carry-over from the manga series. Fantastic animation.

Will be waiting for uncensored western Blu Ray version.