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Tokyo Ghoul Season One Review | Attack On Gaming

"Tokyo Ghoul is one of the bigger recent releases from Madman Entertainment. It is animated by Pierrot in Japan. The series follows the character Ken Kaneki, or Kaneki as he is referred, as he is brought into the world of Ghouls after receiving an emergency organ transplant after a fatal accident during a date. Thanks to the transplant, Kaneki is turned into a Ghoul himself and must now adapt to his new life as one of them. The series is a little psychological in it’s themes, while also being quite violent and gruesome at times. However, this doesn’t mean that it is egregious to the point of being dis-interesting. It’s more interesting than anything else." - Attack On Gaming

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DEATHxTHExKIDx2245d ago

I plan on picking it up soon. I had to see the Kaneki and Jason fight in dub and I'm pretty much sold

LinkageAX2240d ago

Yeah! It was absolutely amazing!

TXIDarkAvenger2245d ago

It's a shame season 2 was downright awful even though Season 1 was great.

LinkageAX2240d ago

I keep hearing this, I hope it's not true.