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Aniwords – Mean Girls, Anime Style

Isaac Akers writes: "Imagine you're a high school-aged girl anime character—let's say your name's Yui. You wake up in the morning, roll out of bed, throw on a school uniform, and head out the door for yet another day in the backbreaking world of working in anime. You show up on the set of the anime you're working in today (no need to change outfits for shooting, you're already wearing it!) and take the script from the director to check out your character. You sigh a little bit as you read through the episode's story and your lines. This again? But whatever, it's work. A girl's gotta work to make a living in this world. So, you trot off onto the set, waving to your girlfriends as they finish their toast and frown at their scripts, and you smile politely at the slightly clueless anime guy who’s playing the protagonist today. The cameras roll… and it’s another day in Animeland."

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