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Gangsta. offers shootouts and swordfights in the seinen style | Otaku USA Review

Otaku USA writes: "The years in which the animation studio Manglobe focused on creating titles originally conceived as anime series, such as Samurai Champloo or Michiko and Hatchin, are mostly a thing of the past. With the notable exception of the amazing yet highly polarizing Samurai Flamenco, Manglobe’s output in recent years has been adapting pre-existing source material, such as manga or visual/light novels, to anime. Such is the status quo for the anime industry. Fans of the original source material expect the anime to adhere closely to it with minimal to no deviations, and Gangsta. meets these expectations for better or for worse.

Gangsta. is adapted mostly verbatim from the bestselling ongoing manga series being released in English courtesy of Viz Media. In the vaguely Sicilian-like town of Ergastulum (Latin for “slave prison”), two “Handymen” mercenaries are doing odd jobs for the various mob families or the cops. Despite having one eye, talkative blond-haired Worick’s handy with pistols. Black-haired eagle-eyed Nicolas uses a katana as his weapon of choice and is mostly silent due to the fact that he’s deaf."

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