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Naruto Manga Resumes With Boruto in Spring 2016

The world of Naruto has so many stories left to tell and starting in Spring 2016 fans can once again enjoy the world of ninja as Shuiesha’s Weekly Shonen Jump will begin to publish a manga based on the next generation.

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Game4r1664d ago

Surprise announcement!

XisThatKid1662d ago

I'm sure This one will be about Sasuke too. Oh wait he has a mini series. I think that ones about Naruto Nah That ones about Sasuke too.

pompombrum1662d ago

Wow, what a nice surprise early Christmas present! I've been following Naruto since I was a teenager still in school and I'm going to be 30 next year..I can't imagine it ever truly finishing.

kevinsheeks1662d ago

Been following since i believe 8th grade 25 now lmao

blackblades1658d ago

Lol same here and also 25. I barely watch it so I got stuck at the end of the pain ark. Wish they skipped to around that on toonami. I also watched bleach around the same time.

Lord_Sloth1662d ago

Right there with ya, man. I'm 31 now and can't wait for more. XXXD

andersoncreate1662d ago

the only question I have for this new series is...what is the motivation. Naruto Uzumaki was driven to become what does Boruto have to offer. That is my question

TXIDarkAvenger1662d ago

I have a feeling its going to be the same thing like he wants to surpass his father and become the next Hokage.

Lionsguard1661d ago

I'm confused. Are you people forced to read/watch things you don't like? Must suck to live somewhere where a tyrannical dictator forces you to suffer through things you hate.

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