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Winter 2016 Anime Season Preview and Expectations

Guy from Geekorner-Geekulture discusses which shows he's interested in, or /not/ interested in from the upcoming season, and more importantly - why, to help you make your own decisions!

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Thunder_God2219d ago

I'll be honest, looking up at this season's bevvy of new shows, I wasn't wowed, I thought the 5 returning/continuing shows will have to carry me through, but the more I dug into the season, the more solid the people in charge of it, and the less skeevy and superfluous fanservice I found, the less non-comedy.

I'm actually looking forward to this season, which seems filled with enjoyable shows, and even several who might be great, for older drama-loving people like me. I'm pleasantly surprised by this season, and hope it'll deliver on these promises.

How about you all?

Killa782219d ago

I did check the anichart last night, the returning season 2 shows seem decent.

This season was weak bar OP man and Noragami, so it'll be a decent change.

Thunder_God2219d ago

Well, sequels are almost always good for fans of the existing material, and aside from having 5 sequels/continuing shows next season, I'm actually liking the new crop. It seemed so bad before I checked deeply, butI'm pleasantly surprised :)

And yeah, this season was the worst. Glad it's over.

Killa782219d ago

Yeah, anything or anyone linked to oregairu automatically gets a thumbs up from me!

DEATHxTHExKIDx2219d ago

I only interested in Ajin and Durarara. Im playing catch up this winter break.

Killa782219d ago

Check out the first season of GATE. I quite enjoyed it.

It was interesting drawing parallels with the real world and colonialism, but the show doesn't explain too much