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Top Nine Anime Series of 2015 | Geekorner

Guy goes back to 2015 for one last look at which shows had been the best, the most enjoyable, or a combination thereof, and explains his picks for the top positions.

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Thunder_God2583d ago

Considering my "above average shows" count this year is half of last year's, it's surprising that "Very good shows" actually has more shows. So while the year on average was worse, considerably, than the two prior ones for me, the top end, which is what will be remembered in 5 years, shines pretty brightly.

How about you all?

rdgneoz32583d ago

Definitely agree on the count. On average it was an OK at best year. Though it had some gems that were damn good.

Don't agree with "aside from the one great episode with Mumen Rider, the show just fell flat for me." Sure Saitama destroyed everyone easily (except the last boss), but his personality and humor make the show. Mumen Rider rides a "Bicycle of Justice"...

Maria was somewhat interesting till the whole "lets get rid of her powers by raping her" part (which didn't succeed though she still loses her powers for a bit...).

Would have added Gate to the list ( ), which does well blending reality with fantasy.

Thunder_God2583d ago

One Punch Man's humor didn't work for me, sorry. Saitama was in great fights, but they were one-sided, there was no back and forth, no chance for things to shine. The best fights were ones he wasn't involved in, or in his dreams.

I watched Gate, wouldn't have made it to the list. It definitely didn't really "blend" the two. The whole point of the show is to show how advanced and superior Japan is to the (European) horde :P