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Winter 2016 First Impressions

Guy goes over the list of shows he's sampled thus far this season, and gives a brief overview of his thoughts on each of them, while linking to a lengthier break-down of each and every single one of them (aside from the returning Akagami no Shirayuki-hime).

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Thunder_God2206d ago

Thus far I'm liking this season! Not all premieres had given us a good indication of what the shows will be about, even as they were capable episodes. But man, the top end has 3 shows I've enjoyed and/or thought were good unreservedly, and even amongst the runner ups there's some promise.

And, the good stuff stars adults! Unsurprisingly, most of the dross to almost-dross I've checked out stars high-school kids.

How about you all?

theshredded2205d ago

Will try 1 and 4, looks like a good start!