Gurren Lagann (Pierce the Heavens Collection) - Review [SnapThirty]

Life is complex. From the day to day doldrums, to the once in a lifetime events, the ol’ flow of time is never shy about throwing curveballs in amidst the pitches. Of course, whilst some of these moments are notably exciting, shaping personalities and searing themselves into the minds of the masses as key points in history, the vast majority of life just kind of floats on by under the radar. Enter fiction, that great bastion of the soul, the world of infinite possibilities wherein all may take refuge from stress and monotony in order to reinvigorate that voice in their mind that screams joy about the world. Why the introspection and broad scoped quizzicality you ask? Well my curious companions, that’s because I am about to talk about a series that condenses the struggles of life into a handy dandy physical form and then cathartically punches it in its smug face. Why? Because that’s how Gurren Lagann rolls, ’nuff said.

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