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Princess Jellyfish Anime Review | Thisvthattv

After taking a short break from anime for the past few weeks, I wasn’t exactly sure what I should watch next. I didn’t really have a desire to watch any specific anime, or any particular genre. So I was just looking for anything that was good. While flipping through different anime on trying to find something interesting, I stumbled across Princess Jellyfish (Kuragehime). It peaked my interest because this wasn’t the first time that I had come across this series. I had actually considered watching it in the past, but I decided to watch another anime instead. But, after looking at the synopsis and genres, it turned out to be sort of what I was looking for. A short and sweet slice of life series with interesting characters and some comedy sprinkled in. Once I saw how many people had fallen in love with the series in the past, I was sold. Did Princess Jellyfish live up to the high praise of it’s fans, or was I in for a big disappointment?

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