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[Spoilers] Noragami: A Prayer for Forgotten Gods

"Yato is relatively unknown deity, or kami. He wears a track suit scrounged from a discarded bag of clothes. He bums off his fellow kami for shelter and meals. And he does a number of odd jobs where he demands a pittance in compensation, or offerings, in return. In the world of Noragami, the lives of kami depend on memory. Gods walk amongst mortals, and mortals can interact with gods. Memories can be fleeting for people. however, and memories of the gods are especially so. Memories of people’s interactions with kami fade from the mind without constant and refreshing interaction with kami. If a person’s attachment to a kami is fairly weak, forgetfulness of that kami’s existence washes almost immediately after initial interaction. When people cease to remember a kami, that kami ceases to be able to initiate remembrance. They cease, in other words, to exist.

Without the benefit of physical mooring to the world of mortals in the form of frequented written records and dedicated shrines, Yato does odd jobs for people. In the long-term, he hopes to collect enough funds from these jobs to purchase grounds and materials for a shrine of his own. In the short-term, he hopes that by doing these jobs, he can keep people from forgetting that he exists. When they pray for things and offer things in return, their minds remember their interactions with him. For that brief amount of time he listens their prayers, accepts their offerings, and grants their requests, he can remain alive for that much longer..."

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This is an analytical take on Noragami. Feel free to comment, and please enjoy.