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Winter 2016 Anime Overview – Week 3 (Anime Power Ranking)

Another week is here, and Guy looks at this week's crop of shows and discusses what he thought of each of the episodes he's watched. He even picks up another show, as he finds a vacant day after dropping Wednesday's other shows.

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Thunder_God1655d ago

I'm really liking this season! Though the gulf between my top 3 and anything that follows is quite steep, having 7 non-dud shows (and Durarara!! and Gundam I need to catch up on making this 9) in a season is more than I've had since last year's winter! That's a lot! And even if I /did/ drop most of these shows, aside from top 3 and Durarara!!, I'd still enjoy them all so much that I won't be able to think badly of the season.

How are you all treated by this season? I guess it's rich picking for "serious drama" lovers like me, but how about the other taste-havers out there?