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One-Punch Man GN 4 Review - ANN

"One of the most effective attacks you can wage on a person is to go for their ego. Bullies have known this for years, and you'd think that this would work doubly well on those people with superpowers and lists of rankings and classes to climb to be truly recognized for their heroic deeds – the system is practically set up to be driven by ego. So when Saitama not only doesn't get recognition for saving City Z from a meteor on a collision course for it, set to obliterate the entire population, and then is actually taunted for the fact that he didn't do a better job saving the city's collective backside, you'd think that might spell, if not the end of his heroic career, than at least the birth of a supervillain. There's just one problem with that reasoning: it assumes that Saitama has an ego to bruise."

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