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Winter 2016 Anime Overview – Week 4 (Anime Power Ranking)

Guy looks at this week's bounty of shows, and discusses the episodes and what he thought of them. Longer write-ups for BokuMachi (ERASED), Rakugo Shinju, Grimgar, Dimension W, and KonoSuba. Shorter write-ups for the rest of the shows.

Also, since Ajin has proper subtitles now, its first two episodes are covered as well!

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Thunder_God2130d ago

This series as with all series has established a pretty clear pecking order, with highly enjoyable shows at the top, some "Good Shows" that are a clear step behind, and shows that are "fine" but aren't really pulling their weight.

And of course, all the shows I dropped and are no longer on the list. Hue.

I guess there could be disagreement over what's in tier 2 or 3, or 4, but how do you feel about this season /beyond/ its very clear-cut top end? I think it's fine, but how good the top end is pushes the next tiers down, relatively speaking. Then again, most shows do end up "average", by definition.