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Gintama ‒ Episode 308 Review - ANN

"We've never really seen the Gintama cast deal with the aftermath of a serious story arc. Once all the battles have wrapped up and an arc is officially over, Gintoki and company have always fallen back into their established roles and resumed their wacky misadventures without missing a beat. However, now that the series has experienced its first major character death, the established rules have gone out the window. While serious arcs occasionally build off each other, this is the first time one story has instantly segued into another. In light of Shigeshige's death and the series' newfound knack for plot advancement, Gintama creator Hideaki Sorachi's announcement that the parent manga will enter its final arc (and likely end) in 2016 hardly comes as a surprise. The Shogun Assassination Arc truly was a point of no return."

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