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Musaigen no Phantom World Episode 6 | Wanabrar

The longer I watch this show, the better it gets. This is what I think, whenever I finished watching every week. There isn’t anymore of those fanservice as well. As expected, it’s a viral marketing for them at the start. Where they try to attract new viewer by excessively making a lot of fanservice scenes. While I think it’s a good idea, it’s actually a bad move as well, as not many are into fanservice anime, and people are getting the wrong impressions when they first watch the series. Good thing is there isn’t anymore of it, and they are finally focusing more into the character development now. This week is all about Kurumi-chan, and it’s really one cute episode to watch. While I don’t think it’s really the best anime this season, I have to give props for the show being consistent and improving.

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